Hill Artist Management and Bookings


Hill Artist Management and Bookings offers artist management as well as a booking service for artists. At the moment, we are not taking any new clients for artist management but we do offer artist bookings

Booking Tour Rates

$60,00 per gig with a 4-6 month advance notice
$70.00 per gig with a 12-16 weeks advance notice
$80.00 per gig with a 10-12 weeks advance notice
$90.00 per gig with a 8-10 weeks  advance notice
$100.00 per gig with 8 weeks or less advance notice
for a one-time gig add $30.00 to each of the prices and time frames
A tour would be considered 10 gigs or more in a row

The more time you give us - the better chances of finding a gig. Booking gigs in 8 weeks or less can be very difficult. So, if you want a good chance of better gigs, give us more time, and it will cost you less. Friday, and Saturday night gigs need to be booked farther in advance so, we would need at least 8 to 12 weeks  notice. We are not able to book  bands for festivals with less than 6 months notice and not for the same fees. You may find the odd venue that will require you to supply your own sound system or pay sound tech fees we will notify on these venues.  You will more than likely be booked with other local acts unless you  draw a good crowd guaranteed, and can play multiple sets for the whole night. All payments will be done though Paypal or etransfer with a retainer before we begin. If you do not have a Paypal account, it is easy to set up at  www.paypal.com/ca