Hill Artist Management and Bookings


Hill Artist Bookings is a Canadian booking agency meant for the  musician that can't afford a big-time agent and does not have the time to book his or her own gigs. There is no sign-up. You simply pay as you go per gig or tour. We can book one gig in Canada or a cross-Canada tour. You give us the dates and we find the venues. The venues we book are on a door deal bases, so the more you promote your show the more money you make. Some venues will require a small fee for the sound technician. For those venues, we will inform  you in advance about the fee prices. We need exact  dates for your tour. If you back out once we have started working on your bookings  we do hold you to the fees.
For us to do bookings, you will need an efficient web site or Myspace, well-produced recordings, and professional photos. Some venues will require you to make a  standard 11x17 poster to promote the show. This will only help you to draw more of a crowd. More crowd - the more money you will make.You will also need a well-written bio of 250-300  words and a list of all the venues you have played in over the past year. Looking and sounding professional will increase the chances of better gigs, and more people coming to your shows, but there are no financial guarantees .Make sure that if you hire us, you don't hire a competing agent,or tell us that you have booked it yourself, or you will have to pay for our services once we have started the booking process. At the moment we are only booking gigs in Canada and we welcome all genres of music.  Big-time agents cost big-time money.  We work for the Indie artist who does not have that sort of money. So, you can sit back and relax, and just play music. To find out our fees. Please check on our service page